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uploaded May 15th, 2019



May 15th, 2019






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It is Yuka who will be the first appearance for coming to Japan today. At the age of 27 he is usually working as a clock salesperson. You get an impression that is younger than 27 years old because of the cute looks with a little child's face, Yuka-san seems to have no current relationship. Instead, it seems that there are two Saffles. The motivation for applying for filming is because I want to play different from Saffle. Two of Saffle's de M seems like it would get in with handjob etc before it inserts it. That's why Yuka said that insertion has not been a long time. I'm getting bored with sex with Saffle too. Yuka who likes to blame men often sees AV, but the genre is a maniac thing and it is a female costume thing. She seems to have an abnormal sex that gets excited when she sees a man dressed in shemale being fucked. It seems that the number of masturbation made while watching such AV is about 4 times a week. What I want to do in today's photography is that I want to blame as much as possible. As the word starts playing, the actor is turned over and accused of advanced techniques such as anal, licking, foot job and butt job cowgirl. Yuka who shakes the waist by oneself in the insertion after a long time and spit. It was the most indecent woman.


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